20 Places Where Animals Outnumber People

There are more animals than people in many locations around the world. From wallabies to crabs, there are plenty of places that have an animal pest population. Not all pests are vermin — horses, pigs, cats, and cows even make this list! There are beaches where you can find horses, pigs, and cows lounging among the tourists. Even chickens run wild on a Hawaiian beach in Kaua’i. The Roman Colosseum is not exempt from a pet population either; cats are in abundance here. These unlikely wild animals are located around the world.

Home of Feral Cats: The Roman Colosseum

Instead of being home of the Roman Gladiators these days, the Roman Colosseum is home of many feral cats. Cats roam freely in the city of Rome.

Local law in the city of Rome states that a group of five or more cats is a protected colony. There is an estimated population of more than 120,000 cats living in the city. The mouse and pigeon population are controlled by the cat population, and humans have a tendency to feed the stray cats.

Chickens Are Everywhere on Kaua’i Island

Kaua’i Island is one of the most beautiful tropical destinations, but it has a major pest problem. This pest is ordinarily a useful farm animal, but the feral chicken population is out of control on the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i.